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By Harold Eatmon

‘Breath of Heaven’ Encounter; June 14th, 2008 (excerpt from meeting/video)

Prayer: Father, You’re here and You’re in this house. God, we love You. Father, Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, that by the shedding of blood there is forgiveness of sin. Tonight, Holy Spirit, light the fire in my soul, heal me. God, tonight make me whole. Lord, You know where I want to be. God, You know tonight — light the fire in me.

“For I have come into this building this night”, God would say, “And by My Spirit I have spoken unto you by the holy writ,” and the Holy Ghost would say unto you this night, “many of you have laid dormant in your anointing; many of you have laid dormant in your gifting. You do not know your gift; you do not know your divine calling. You know your worldly calling; you know your worldly work; you know your worldly talents; but you are naked before Me without a gift because you do not recognize and honor that which I have given unto my Church, the body of Christ.”

And the Lord would say unto you tonight, “Unto those who doubt these words, I will not be able to breathe life into their gifting by the anointing of My Spirit that would break every yoke off of everything that’s not of Me. I will cut the chains and the fetters of iron and free the prisoners. I will open the blind eyes to those who are blind. I will open the ears of the deaf, I will make the dumb speak again. I will cause miracles to come, special miracles, supernatural miracles, miracles by My Spirit and by your hand. I will show the world — that they may see — as Moses cast the rod down, all of the nation of Egypt bowed before Me.”

Surely I will say unto you, “I will visit you in a holy visitation. I will bless My people because I love My sons and daughters but I’m calling, I am calling unto you, I’m calling out by My Spirit. I’m saying unto you, ‘receive My anointing and fire will be shut up in your bones. Receive My anointing and words of power will come out of your mouth. Receive My anointing and you will cast out the demons, you will heal the sick, you will raise the dead; it is My Word, and I will accomplish it through you’.”

God would say, “Believe, drink of this cup — all of it,” and surely the Lord would say unto you, “you will remember Me. Drink it not and surely you will be a child of the world, a child of darkness, one separated from Me, and one day eternally separated.”

The Lord would say unto this company of people, “I’ve been dealing with America. I’ve been talking into this nation. I’ve been dealing with My preachers, My sons and daughters of faith. I’ve been dealing with apostles and prophets. I’ve been dealing with pastors, teachers, evangelists. I’ve been dealing with the leaders in the body of Christ; and I have been bringing a new conviction” and the Lord would say unto you, “revival will come here, and there, but not everywhere. It will come here, it will come there, but not everywhere. It will come here and there; it will not come everywhere. It will come where the believers are, where they’re gathering in My name and weeping at My door. Jesus is the Door, Jesus is the door, My Son is the door to the tabernacle. He’s the way. He’s the truth. He’s the life. There is no other way into My presence except through that door. He is the door of salvation. He is the door of deliverance. He’s the door of healing. He’s the door of prosperity. He’s the door of blessing, He is the door.

Come before me in weeping and the great and notable day of separation — you will not be there, and you will not be weeping. Come before me laughing. Come before My presence with dancing; and on the day of deliverance, you will be laughing and you will be dancing.”

The Lord would say unto you, “I’m calling My people to come back into My presence and to come back into the spirit of revival, back into the spirit where I would redeem a nation that has run far from Me. Oh they are sick from the top of their head to the soles of their feet, putrefying sores upon the body, putrefying sores! Sickness and disease running rampant through their body: all sorts of greed, all sorts of perversion, all sorts of unrighteousness, all sorts of sickness and disease. Many are dead and many lie asleep because of unrighteousness.”

And the Lord would say unto this nation, “Soon I will visit you beyond your understanding. I will visit you by the hand of another, and your enemy will be camped at your door. On all four sides they will be encamped around about you and when the day of the encampment comes you will remember these words. For surely, the Lord will warn you and surely the Lord does not allow anything that the prophets would not warn…”

Ezekiel prophesied standing upon a wall – “seeing” (prophesying what he saw), and if he did not prophesy, the blood of a nation would be upon his hands. “The responsibility of a nation will be upon a man and the blood of that nation — innocent blood — would be upon his head because though he did not warn them because he did not declare unto them, ‘bow your heart! Bow your heart! Bow your head! Bow your head; oh more than that, bow your knee before Me, Almighty God.” For the Lord would say unto you, “there’s none likened unto Me. There’s none greater than I Am, that I Am, that I Am! I am He who was and who is and who is to come!  I am the Lord your God and I fail not!” For the Lord would say unto you tonight, “Know the hour of your visitation. Know the day! Know the rending of heaven; I am tearing open the heavens that there will be an open heaven before you. Then ask of Me and see if not I will pour you out a blessing unto the righteous. Unto those who believe in faith. Unto those who call upon My name. Unto those who receive My words. Jesus would say — by the Holy Ghost — My testimony was the spirit of prophecy. To those who hear; let them hear what my spirit is saying. Unto those who believe. all things our possible. Unto those who disbelieve, all things are impossible. Only believe in My name. Believe in My name. Believe in My sons. Believe in My prophets and you shall prosper. Believe in them not and dark days will come in the surrounding.”

For surely the Lord would say unto this nation [America], “they will be surrounded on all 4 sides. Delicate days will come. Decapolis will be upon you — and in that setting, some will cry out and say, ‘Who did not warn us? How come we did not hear? How come we did not know’?” For surely the Lord God would say unto those who have ears to hear this day, “I have spoken it; I have said it. I have said it for a long time. I will continue to say it until America bows before me.

The enemy like the Syrian camp, that encamped around about Israel and surely the plight and the destruction of that was dramatic!” God would say unto you, “Hear these words this night and I will liken you unto a wise man that built his house, his life, his family, his hope, his destiny upon a rock. Do it not and I will liken those unto the foolish man who built his house upon the sand and the hurricane came and washed it away and nothing was there and great was the tragedy and tumultuous.”

God would say unto you this night, “I am that I am, deliver[ed] thee. I am that I am, heal[ed] thee. I Am that I Am, set the captives free. Do not believe every word; there are many false prophets and false apostles in the last days. If it were not so, I would not have told you; but surely by my scriptures, I have spoken it unto you. By my son, John, he said unto you, “false apostles will come, false prophets.” Jesus said in the last days, “I say unto you, it will come upon you as a plight, as a disease that would overtake like a plague. Many false prophets will be here [saying], ‘Do not worship Him! Do not shout unto God! Do not cry out unto Him! He is deaf unto you! Do not do these things! Do not worship Him! Do not bow down before Him! Do not weep before him! Do not cry out unto Him! Do not dance before him! Do not do those things that He loves for you to do. For it’s not a natural man’s order!’ And God would say unto you, “I will disrupt the day of mankind, and suddenly Decapolis, and suddenly cities, and suddenly explosions, and suddenly… Where are faithful Christians this day that would cry out? That would say unto Me, Hear my voice; deliver us, oh God. For You deliver us out of the hand of the fouler. You deliver us all the day long. You deliver us from the noise and pestilence. You deliver us from those things that are not of You. You deliver us from the plagues. You deliver us from our own flesh. You’re the delivering God. You deliver us. You are the deliver. Am I not He, Jesus, The Deliver? Am I not He, that sets the captives and the prisoners free? Am I not Him — Immanuel — that I came to be and walk among you? Is it not enough that I did mighty signs and wonders and miracles? Yet even today, you like the Children of Israel…there are many that have forgotten the Red Sea. They forgot that I opened up the Red Sea. They forgot that I parted the Jordan River many times. They forgot all of those things; and yet today, I come that I have to convince America again! Who shall deliver you? Who shall heal your land? Who shall separate you from your darkness? What shall bring you into the truth? Is it not I, the Lord your God, on a cross, by My Son’s blood and by My Spirit.”

The Lord would say, “Those that have ears to hear, let them hear the word of truth and the Spirit of the living God.” God would say unto you, “Blind guides [false prophets] are in the earth this day. Pharisees who act in legalism to do everything so orderly that death has set in like a mortuary and bodies are strewn across America everywhere. Dead people in dead pulpits.  No life, no anointing, no victory!”, God would say unto us this night.

I hear the voice of the Lord saying unto us clearly — God I hear you speaking unto me these words; and for surely the Lord is in this place. How wonderful, how terrible, how fearful a day that God would come into a place and speak to those [us] like the 120 in an “upper room” experience — and suddenly people think that some may be drunk, others may be in a state of disarray, but suddenly the voice of God comes and fire sits upon their heads and a form of God, a theophany, would come.

I hear the Lord saying, “I’m coming, I’m coming back, I’m coming back, I’m coming back for whosoever will — I’m coming back for you, prepare, make ready! Prepare, make ready. Prepare! Urgency! Urgency! Make ready! Prepare! Great are the days before you; great shall be one day the tribulation.” God would say unto you, “Great shall be the difficulty. Great shall be the lies and the devastation of an antichrist spirit and a false prophet. A beast that would come to do signs, wonders, and miracles, lying wonders, lying miracles, falsehoods of deception that the very elect would be deceived.”

And God would say, “I am not mocked! Whatsoever a man sows; that shall he also reap! If he sows unto lies and deception; he shall reap lies and deception! If he sows unto holiness, purity and righteousness — as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth — he shall reap purity, righteousness and — as it is in heaven — he shall find in his own soul and his own mind victory beyond victory!” And God would say tonight, “I am not mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you will reap. Whatever you sow,…” the Lord would say, “you will reap. If you sow to the wind; a whirlwind will come. If you sow into the darkness; the darkness beyond darkness will come. But if you sow into the Father; then the Father will come.”

“Hear these words. For this night I have spoken. Let it be resounding in your ear. Receive these words again. Listen to Me, Listen to Me, the Holy Ghost.” And the Lord, Father God and His Son, Jesus, would say, “Listen to Me! Rehearse these words in your ears and in your children’s ears: Get Ready! The Kingdom of God is near! I am at hand — The door of holiness and righteousness — weep at the altar. Cry out before Me and My presence will come! Give away your flesh, and your spirit will live! Do it not, dismay will be your misfortune; confusion shall be your teacher and fear will be your tutor and your taskmaster. For I am the Lord and I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. Hear my words and do them and great shall be your riches and your reward in heaven.” Amen.

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