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by Harold Eatmon

In Acts 2:12-41, Peter explained to a bewildered crowd on the verge of drawing false conclusions, how, as Joel said, in the last days the Holy Spirit would be poured out on people in visions and dreams.

Open Vision

While speaking by telephone with an intercessor, I received an open vision. Before my eyes, a holograph-like scenario began to play out.

This vision began with me, my wife Betty, and two of our HEMI intercessors. As we stood together, we were encompassed by a circular spotlight that shined down vertically upon us. The diameter of this circular light was six feet across. Everything else outside this light was dark. The four of us were talking together when, suddenly, the spotlight began to widen and grow larger. A circle of other faces began appearing around us. It seemed as though they had appeared out of nowhere.

Where Did They Come From?

First, the light shined to reveal their faces, then their shoulders and, eventually, their whole bodies were seen in the light. While this revealing process continued, I began to wonder to myself who these people were. Where did they come from?

The light widened far enough to see a second row standing behind the first row of people. As the light grew, the first row began to talk and intermingle with the second row of people. Some were talking, some just smiling and listening to others. I leaned over and whispered to one of the intercessors, “Who are these people? Where have they come from? I’ve never seen them before.”

The intercessor replied, “Harold, they’ve been here all the time!”

Hidden part of the Kingdom of God

The Lord was showing me a people who are a hidden part of the Kingdom of God. These people are not necessarily seen on platforms, behind pulpits, or standing in large gatherings.

The Lord said to me, “These are the Invisible People! They do not need a spotlight on them. They are true workers of the Kingdom. They are well hidden from the natural eye and are only concerned with doing the work of the Father. They have no thought of a famous reputation, nor do they worry about defaming themselves by their stance and selfless servitude. Their only desire is to serve with a servant’s heart. Their motives are pure.”

A Sovereign Move of the Spirit

When the vision concluded, the Lord began to speak to me through II Chronicles 29:36, Zechariah 3:9 and Acts 2:2. All these scriptures describe a similar occurrence where “suddenly” is the key element in a positive sense. In a sudden work of God, the Invisible People, like David’s warriors, like the disciples at Pentecost, will emerge and step out into their Kingdom roles with hearts fully prepared, anointed and devoted to serve their beloved King in troubled times.

These Invisible People are like the Levite people in II Chronicles 29:11-15 who at that time were more holy than the actual priests of their tribe. These deeply hidden, Invisible People, have done their homework, have sacrificially loved and served, and have learned their strategies.

In these closing days before the coming of Jesus Christ, there will come a sovereign move of the Spirit upon a now invisible and hidden people. The Lord will bring them forth into their Kingdom calling, having been taught by the Spirit Himself as I John 2:27 describes. Many will come alongside of those currently in ministry as a tremendous blessing of support and leadership.

The heart-knit relationships these men and women of God form with others will be unprecedented. They will display commitment equal to the mighty men of valor that came alongside David. These Spirit-fed friendships will build a harvest net strong enough to bring in a heavy catch. Loyalty and sacrificial love for each other will be characteristic of the new breed.

Recently, I have met a few men and women of God who, I believe, are a part of this sovereign move of God. They are a people unencumbered by man-made or church-made traditional restrictions, either because their salvation experience is relatively new or because they have abandoned some of the old order and beliefs they were formerly taught. They have started over with simply the Word, the Spirit, and much prayer.

I believe we will see a fulfillment of this vision begin now and continue into the twenty-first century as these men and women of God rise up and become a vital part of the “Church Without Walls”.

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  • Rebecca Quintela-Smith says:

    Yes,,I have heard that the Lord is also purging the hearts of the LEVI – and to make yourself clean, as this is being fulfilled now today.

    I have simple strategies God has given me to move forward.

    We will be meeting soon,, I am meeting with my spiritual father first.

  • Rose Arnett says:

    you seem like a true Man of God to me, that is what we strive for each day to be more and more like Jesus. Thank you for that good word. please pray for me and my family, Pastor Eddie, our two grown Sons and six grand kids

  • gene hill says:

    I do believe this word is not just true but a window into how God is about bring along side to you and your ministry, those who have the annointing of Jonathan who was willing to forgo the limelight to support those God has called for that purpose. In 1997 and again in 2004 you gave a word to me and my wife that God was going to stretch us to bring us to a higher level of faith, (He did) and then was going to bless us a lot , not just for our sake , but to enable us to help a lot of others . Then you described what to watch for. We have carried this word in our hearts with watchful eyes and I believe it is now beginning to unfold in a wonderous fulfillment. I cannot wait to explain in more detail after the coming events completely unfold. God be praised.

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