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by Harold Eatmon

“For this reason I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things, though you know and are established in the present truth.” i.e. (present revelation) I Peter 1:12.

Just as the Holy Spirit revealed a present truth revelation of the Trinity in 325 A.D. and in the early 1500s Martin Luther uncovered the priesthood of all believers, God is now speaking about the reorganization of the New Testament church model by today’s apostles and prophets. This New Testament Power Team is being rediscovered, restored, and developed, trained and educated by the Holy Spirit.

The Message “Are There Two Antiochs in your Nation?”

The Holy Spirit gave me a prophetic present truth message, which can change the hearts of leaders. There were two Antiochs in the time of Christ and also two Antiochs now in the Body of Christ.

  • The first Antioch is symbolic of the churches and ministries that are traditional, cessationist, old order, old government or old wineskin.
  • The second Antioch is symbolic of the new five-fold order, new government, or new wineskin.

The second Antioch will symbolically have a twelve apostle anointing. Unfortunately, there will also be a Judas spirit that will come and go in the second Antioch. The second Antioch will establish priests and kings, apostles and prophets, government and education, economic and social structure, as well as godly pastors, teachers and evangelists. The second Antioch will be so radical that it will trouble the governments of the nations and some of their leaders. Its philosophy for ministry is simple: “No Compromise”.

For the Good of the Nations

Although there is a tremendous difference between the first Antioch and the second Antioch, I believe God wants them to work together for the good of the nations. God will work between these two Antiochs to establish governmental leadership in the church and in the nations.

God will periodically join both Antiochs for the common good of the Body of Christ. Like the tribe of Manasseh who left the wilderness and crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land after the war was fought, half of the tribe went back and lived on the other side of the Jordan. This is similar to what will happen with the first and the second Antiochs. They will be united together as the Body of Christ and then some will return to the other side of the Jordan, as did the tribe of Manasseh.

There Should Only Be Obedience!

We should not compromise our convictions. If we are called into the second Antioch, the new wineskin, there should be no compromise. There should be no more Ishmaels. There should be no more golden calves. There should be no more brazen serpents. There should be no more Barabbases.

We must go forward in these days without compromise. In these days of change we must remember:

  • Good is the enemy of great.
  • When the horse is dead, dismount.

God is calling His Church forward. There must not be compromise in our call to the new Antioch or the five-fold governmental gifts. change brings forth a challengechallenge brings forth a chargechargebrings forth a costcost brings forth a Victory and victory brings forth a celebration.

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