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About HEMI

The vision of HEMI is to empower leaders by training and equipping them with kingdom principles and spiritual tools. After they have discovered their spiritual gifts, been properly trained and armed with godly conviction. Then we believe they will engage, and advance the kingdom of God, by leaving a strong godly legacy for their families, businesses, and ministries.

Therefore our focus is on two main strategies to accomplish this vision:

  1. Harold Eatmon’s recommendation for this new 2016 seminar and soon on-line webinar… “The Supernatural Winners Strategy” is a must for entrepreneurs and the corporate world alike. As a Senior Strategic Adviser, I advise marketplace leaders, both privately and corporately, to provide meaningful prophetic insight. I help advise, and train leaders to leave a fulfilling and compelling godly legacy for their future.” – Harold Eatmon
  2. This powerful experience entitled “The Connect Series 1, 2, 3” explains how Discovering, Engaging, and Advancing in the 21 spiritual gifts of the New Testament. Experience a fresh encounter of the Holy Spirit while attending this 3-part, interactive seminar series in, churches, webinars and on-line video training coming soon. Harold Eatmon also personally trains and equips Christians to hear the uncompromising voice of God in this series! Contact us today to schedule an event!

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Harold Eatmon has had an uncommon ministry for 40 years. He is the Founder/President of Harold Eatmon Ministries International (HEMI). The call of God has mandated Harold and his wife Betty across the USA and over 40 nations. After receiving a call to ministry, he and Betty pastored four churches before receiving an additional call toward a prophetic ministry. Since that time, he has devoted his life to serving others by prophesying words of comfort, direction, correction and confirmation to advise people in all walks of life.

Over the last 25 years, Harold has met with and advised international leaders in every level and branch of government, and national Church organizations. He continues to strategically work with and advise numerous professional business leaders in the marketplace. The goal is to create a heart and mindset that business people can be successful, prosperous and produce a harvest field with a godly vision.

Harold is dedicated to train, equip and help raise up Christians by two different life changing seminars. These two powerful seminars are “The Connect Series 1, 2, 3” and “The Super-Natural Winner’s Strategy” Harold and his wife Betty have four married children, eight grandchildren, have been happily married for 45 years and reside in Florida.