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Dear Harold, there are few people that I can declare with as much conviction and appreciation, “that God used to shape me.” I would not be who I am without your ministry. There are so many, many words that I have held close to my heart- words that I believe the Lord spoke through you.

Lesely D.Author of a new children’s book

Thank you so much for coming and sharing on my radio program today. It was really an honor to have you on the show.

It was really a rich, powerful, anointed interview. But even though it was short, you were able to “pack a big punch” within a few minutes. I know it will minister volumes to many people. It might even be the only teaching some may ever hear about the prophetic. It very much ministered to me and I loved hearing about the stories and testimonies in-between segments. And I know the Holy Spirit, speaking through your voice, changed the atmosphere in the studio and in the region. I really believe that!

I’d love it if you could come back again and share some of the Words God has given you over Minneapolis/St. Paul/MN area and other countries or a word to the church or whatever the Lord would lay on your heart.

Also, please know that you have a freedom to let me know that you have an “urgent” message or “warning” that you feel that God is wanting you to share with the listeners – no invitation needed. Just let me know.

S.W.St Paul, MN

Harold is a Man of God to be trusted! He is a Leader and Mentor to many! He has influenced many and guided my life in the right direction.

C.L.South Dakota

Dear Harold and Betty,

I just want to thank both of you. The weekend was special. God touched my heart deeply. First in the meeting on Sunday I broke in the end of message: I was just crying for young people in the floor. I don’t let Devil steal their hearts from God’s things!!!! Fire!!!WE have to really intercede for our children and young people in Finland! So I have done it thereafter. The other thing I got during the weekend was this: I have thought that I can’t have a gift like you and Rory (nothing like that…and thought prophetic evangelism isn’t for me, I’m not gifted for that) but now I’m exited to pray for my patients for special words – and waiting for God to work in a powerful way : Pursue eagerly spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy – want this to change my work ! So I pursue. Now I have faith for that: it’s Gods will, I know it from his Word and I’m expecting it to happen Sunday meeting was really special ( so think also others – to my surprise our webcast has been seen almost 350 times from that night!!! That’s a lot in Finland). The worship was especially powerful: in the end God presence was tangible, so strong!! not many times have I experienced that, never in our church. And you had so powerful message to repentance in that night. I crying in the floor and interceding ( there was also others, I heard). The anointing of Gulf Stream Revival in Pensacola was there! THIS IT IT. GODS HOLINESS. CALL FOR REPENTANCE. BREAKING IN THAT ATHMOSPHERE. YES, Its here! Revival is beginning! Blessings to you! Keeping you in prayers!


I got back what I have lost, and I’m not letting anybody to take it again!!! It was amazing weekend!


I had cried a lot during the week, laughed a lot, shocked a lot… How fragile a human is, but still so strong that can endure whatever! Still in the end I was really anguished: I had been talking five days about a tough thing. But fortunately “by accident” I saw an announcement in facebook about a meeting in our church. There was a speaker from abroad. I went there, I could cry all my sorrows away and God encouraged to go forward in life. When you lift your eyes from difficult things and receive Gods power and joy, you can do whatever! I don’t have energy to everything, life is hard. But with God we’ll make it, with peace in heart and hope for the future in our mind! When you don’t have any more possibilities, God possibilities just begin! In that situation you have great hope for a good future!


I have a praise report to share, as well as a prayer request. For awhile during the summer/fall, I felt the Lord leading me to leave my job. One big catalyst for the exodus was my boss. Finally one day I could shake it no longer and called up my family to tell them I was quitting. The next morning as I walked in to the office my boss announced that she was quitting! Confusion came over…was this an Abraham/Isaac test to see where my heart was? Was I still supposed to quit?

That weekend I came to HEMI and you walked right up to me and said “Work can’t be done if directions aren’t followed” and proceeded to confirm that I was supposed to leave. I want to thank you and praise God for the series of events that led to my freedom! Through this time God has been teaching me more and more how to just BE…rather than always trying to DO and EARN.

However that freedom is where my prayer request comes in!! The last 3 months have been quite the emotional roller coaster, redefining who I am and what I do, while feeling little direction and hearing seemingly little so far. As you’ve done many times before, would you be willing to pray for me? For clear guidance, fresh vision, courage to say yes and also to say no and the wisdom to tell the difference. I’m not even necessarily asking for a prophetic word, because I know that God will reveal things in due season, but I also know that I need the prayers of righteous warriors on my side right now. I see the tide turning. I know big things are coming. I need and desire Godly people on my side, helping to pray through this uncertain and exciting road I’m currently on.

Thank you, and thank you for all you and your ministry have done for me over these last 8 years.


I thank God for Harold, Betty and the ministries.

I have asked God, and I have cried out to God, for something new new new, I want to see something, that we never have seen before.

And Friday I heard you read from Isaiah 43, 18-19, and I said YES YES YES AMEN, THANK YOU GOD HALLELUJAH


J.V., Vision PartnerDenmark

Thank you so much!!

Last spring you were at a confrence in Denmark where my sister attended, and you called out the name Nina. However no one responded, so you asked if someone knew Nina, and at the end of the meeting my sister went up and said she had a sister named Nina (me), and you started prophecying. The Lord works in mysterious ways having an American minister prophecying in Denmark over a girl living in Sydney Australia, but He knew that I needed that confirmation. My sister and brother in law sent me the mp3 file, and I cannot thank you enough for your obedience, that word was so spesific, and and it seemed like you knew me. That word touched me, gave me new hope, and the Lord confirmed to me once again that I am where I need to be. Even though I haven’t seen all the answers come yet, I am confident that I will.

Thank you!

N.L.Sydney, Australia

I have always believed that “hope deferred maketh a heart sick.” Sometimes, that happens in the prophetic ministry. Something is said, and people wait and wait, and nothing happens – or it seems to be an empty word. I do not feel that way through Harold’s ministry. I truly believe he hears the Word of the Lord. The two or three times he has ministered to me, he has spoken such great things into my life, and been very accurate in the areas he has spoken into. May he be blessed hundred-fold for the things he has done for the Lord’s sake.


Prophet Harold,

We just concluded Mum’s conferences in San Fransisco, Atlanta, Delaware, Boston, and Dallas.

Mum asked me to update you on a word you gave a pastor in Houston. You Prophesied to him that God was going to give him a building in 7 months.

It happened God gave him a million dollar building, and 250,000 cash.

He testified in Dallas that everything you said came to pass.


My husband and I was on your meeting in Tønsberg 7May. I will thank you for praying for me. My back is so fine and the pain is gone. I give my thanks to my Lord Jesus for 100% cure/recovery.

I wish you a good day.