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May 9, 2006 – Harold Eatmon released this prophetic word regarding San Francisco, California, at the HEMI Vision Partner meeting.

But there is coming such an earthquake; not in L.A. but in San Francisco. That it’s going to make the (Twin) towers literally look microscopic. That’s true. Hundreds of buildings will be burning. Thousands upon thousands of people will be displaced. There is coming a shaking because God continues – how many people know that God does not reward sin. I want you to know, I thought about this and the Lord began to speak some words to me about this again recently and the Lord says, “I want you to say it.”

…do I need to say it for the New Year’s Eve service that’s coming up here in 2006 like we normally share those [kinds of prophectic] words? And the Lord said, “No. I want you to share it tonight with the Vision Partners.” So I’m saying this to you tonight for a reason…

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