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by Harold Eatmon

September 7, 2002 – “Cry to the Nations” Prophecy (excerpt from meeting audio tape):

A man called me because he wanted to invest in Jordan; he wanted to invest in some other countries; and he called me from Europe and he said, “Harold, we’re wanting to invest in a lot of oil and that sort of thing again. Has the Lord said anything to you about that?”

I simply want to say to you, I don’t encourage people to call me a lot and ask about the market stuff… What I said to them was, “I saw a tanker go down in the middle of the Gulf again – an oil tanker – and it was on fire.” That tells me something. That tells me something is coming our way. It tells me things are going to be happening again.

Prophecy fulfilled – October 6, 2002
French oil tanker “Limburg” was attacked by an explosives-laden dinghy off the coast of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden. The attack resulted in the short-term collapse of international shipping in the Gulf.

BBC News World Edition Article


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