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by Harold Eatmon

Cry To The Nations

Prophecy: We cannot do, what we have done in the past.”

Serious days are coming, oh God, for surely You speak and the heavens listen. The powers and principalities they stop God when you speak. The angels they cease, the powers, principalities they are silenced in heaven. The terrestrial, oh God, natural and supernatural beings they are silenced at the voice of all mighty God. To know the hour of your visitation, for the love of many has waxed cold. The wars and the rumors of wars; the lightnings across the heavens – know the signs of the time – know the hour – know the seasons, for even the nonspiritual, do they not discern, they cry out. Many false prophets are in the land, many lying spirits. Who shall go and who shall I send, prepare, make ready, know the hour of your visitation, it draws even unto the threshold of your door. For I have prepared it, I will gather who I will gather and I will scatter who I will scatter for I am the Lord God. Who can avenge My terror? Who can offset My destiny? For I speak unto you now this time, the floods of the land are upon dry, I shall wash over the deserts, I shall melt the mountaintops before you, I shall raise the waters of the sea. The signs are upon you. For a loaf of bread shall be a hard cost. Who shall I send? Where are they?

  Praying: “Oh Father, I don’t deserve to walk upon my own desires.  The lust of the eyes and the pride of this body, Lord, and the spirit of unclean lips, God, help me Lord. God, unstop the deafness of my soul that my spirit may live God, wash over me I pray God lead my soul beside still waters. If I fail God, don’t pass me by, don’t miss me, don’t… Speak Lord your servant is listening.”

Prophecy: For the Antichrist is already in the earth my son. I will pull back the scales of all who seek Me, make ready, tell the Bride the Groom is preparing. Make the Church ready, preach only My words, no triteing, no testing, prophesy son of man , prophesy to the four winds of heaven, breathe upon a dead body, I have called you to raise the dead.

And I shall take you to a distant land, and I shall open up the four winds of My Spirit and you shall prophesy. In the beginning of that nation for surely I have spoken it out, obedience. I will protect that chosen one and I shall watch over, I shall speak life, who can pluck that nation out of My hand? For I am God, for she is dear unto Me. She is the birthright of the nations, sold for a bowl of soup, but retained again by My Son, I have chosen her. Israel, oh Israel, how long have I beckoned you?

These many days, with wars and rumors of wars your walls shall collapse, your roofs shall be made low, your street shall burn with fire but I say unto you, prepare, make ready, for the infidel of your soul comes with rage. Ishmael. The Syrian army is at your door. For I have said it, this is the day and soon you shall be struck with a rod of iron. Chasten you will be, discerning you are not, then the world shall know. Peace, peace and then comes sudden destruction, I have said it for millenniums; I will shake the doors of My house again. For I will speak unto a man in that nation and Hess shall be his name. I say unto him, arise shine, your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon those who will not compromise. Why would you build upon a hill, man of God? For I say unto you the lilies are in the valley. Why would you set yourself there high when I have brought you lower? Who are those that are around about you, and what are their names? Am I not the giver of every name and every life? For why would you surround yourself with them, for am I not God, have I not called you unto Myself. But I call you unto a holy convocation, not with mere men but I say unto you, not liken unto Moses not on a mountain but in a valley I will visit you. And I will speak to you I shall prophesy and you shall know, do it not and nothing will happen, do it and it shall come. The word of the Lord upon you, not as the words of mere men not the words of flattering lips, or the socialness of the day but with a pure heart, undivided, tempered with the fire of the steel of My heart. To speak truth rather then compromising words. Who are you man of God, have I not spoken to you and is it not so, listen not to the words of the nations but only unto the God of the nations and My name is Jehovah Yahweh. Nissi, Shalom, Rabboni, I am He, the Rock of Ages, the First and Last. I say unto you, Hess “shake yourself and arise come unto Me, you have been in the place that I have marked you to be; hold fast in your liberty, do not look around about you what does it have to do with you man of God? And it shall begin, days of Yom Kippur. Did I not say it and was it not true. For there’ll be those who’ll be feasting and marrying and giving in marriage, grinding at the mills, working in the fields. I will allow the chastening of My children for I am righteousness and justice for it is in My wings and I will breathe again and I will chasten you oh Israel. For the four winds will come and from every direction they will ascend, I say unto you make ready, prepare. Call out while it is yet day, relent of these things that are not of Me, give them up. Come back into My arms, for I say unto you Hess speak to the rock do not strike it. Not on the mountain top but in the valley, this it the day, prepare, for the change will bring forth this challenge and I have prophesied the challenge, you will bring forth the charge to the nations and the charge a tremendous cost. Flee not from the understanding of the Old Testament, build upon My account and know that I am a delivering God. But righteousness and justice is in My wings, I chasten those that I love and those who are not of Me they are illegitimate. Speak man of God, open your mouth and hold not back, for I have set you like Jonah, at this time even the words towards this, I have mercy upon who I will have mercy and I have justice upon who I have justice. Choose this day, yes.”

And for that nation of Guatemala, and I speak to a land of honor, without honor, a land of loyalty but with no more loyalty – placing other gods before Me. The cost is great, who shall go and who shall I send? For in that nation surrounded by the waters, I have visited you but I will come again with a holiness and a righteousness I call you, I call you. I say unto you, where is Noah? Where is the son of man, where is the arc of safety, who will build, who will continue? One hundred years and the flood came, be prepared, make ready for without honor there will be no peace, without loyalty there will only be strife. Without understanding there will only be disobedience for your nation has run backwards against Me the Lord would say. For who are these Asian children of mine, who is the nation of Japan, who is the ones that I have sought out among men and who will stand up and take My word. It is you, or do I look for another, man of God?

The pride of that nation, born through wars, strength of spirit, intellect of mind, religious of soul, for what would they call that nation, but the pride of Germany. The arrogance of unrighteousness the religiosity of unbrokeness, for they have not been willing to pay the price, they have gone their own ways again. For we are many and there will be more they would say, but I have withheld My blessing of tens and hundreds of thousands. And they will live in the hundreds, in the communities of some, thousands, but they shall not reach further, because of the arrogance of their thoughts and their religiosity of their pride. Who will pay the price? Their minds are closed like a trap, a steel trap, yet not open to the width and the depth of miraculous, signs and wonders only follow those who believe. Obedience, obedience, I will shatter those things that are not of Me and I will scatter them to the four winds of heaven, I will displace them. I will break the back of the demon of religiosity of that church and their high towers. I sent a son out of that nation because they would not receive him, I took him out from among you, I plucked him out with My own fingers and I took him from you to set him in a nation that would hear and not think their way through My anointing. He has raised the dead, he’s opened blind eyes, how long shall you throw the Joseph’s in the pit? How long shall the half brothers sell out those that have been marked? But I took him from the pit to the palace, he has given Me his life, he will come again and truth shall be ministered if you open not your hearts wide, nothing will happen. I have anointed Reinhard, I have given him the scepter, reject him and you reject My anointing, receive him and you receive him as a son that I have brought into your land.

And oh the nation, the nation of life. For unto that nation you too have backed away. For who are these people that have harden their hearts that have become cold like ice. I speak unto you France and I say unto you make ready for you will feel the pressures of outside forces to comply. They will come and speak to your congressmen and to your parliament and to the high officials of the land. They will build you up with words of lies and deception will be in their mouth. For you have believed a lie rather than to believe the truth. You’ve received it upon your own lust, you’ve consumed it upon your own traditions, for who are you among the righteous and who will bow their knee, who’ll I bring forth to the government of truth. Who will not fight against those that have stood with you. Undarken your heart, let My word come again, soften your spirit open up your hearts and lives; and truth, it shall come.

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