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by Harold Eatmon

Cry To The Nations

I have some reservations to say to you tonight because I need to walk through some of the prophetic things that are getting ready to happen again, not only in America, but around the world. I have to tell you that I do not have a hesitation because I don’t know it’s going to transpire, I have hesitation because I don’t know that some people are really ready to hear what the Lord is wanting to say to us so clearly. Because I can simply say to you tonight that it is important that we have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, but it is much more important to know how to handle that.

Just a few days back, I think it was August 23rd or August 25th about 5:00 in the morning, the Lord woke me up out of a sound sleep and I began to prophesy things. And it’s not all uncommon for prophetic people to do that. But as I began to have these words come forth, I have to tell you in all sincerity, they somewhat shocked me. I have been giving the word of the Lord for these last few years on some topics that I personally don’t have any education on. Things about the stock market, which I’ve never had any stock in my entire life. The best thing I’ve ever had is a 401K plan that’s grown, and things of that nature, but not really anything above and beyond that. But the Lord, for over ten years, has been instructing me in some things that I don’t know anything about and, in some ways, that’s been really healthy because prophetic people can create a lot of traffic for themselves by involving themselves in listening to or understanding a lot of other information when God is trying to be able to educate them in a new way. Anybody remember Noah when he got a prophecy and said, “Build an ark.” Anybody remember Bill Cosby when he said, “Noah, build an ark.” “What’s an ark?” The ideal is, is that sometimes God will speak to you when it’s never rained in that way before. And here’s a man building a boat for a hundred years and people are looking at him like, “This guy has lost it.” The ideal is, is that someone came up to me here a while back and said, “Harold, you know I’ve looked on your web site and it’s kind of old and the prophecies are kind of old and you know some of the papers you have in the back are kind of old.” And I said, “Yes, it kind of reminds you of another book doesn’t it?” And the ideal is, is that God speaks and He does things in His time frame. I don’t know about you, but He never really asked me when He said, “I think I’m going to create a universe.” He didn’t have a committee; he had a team. There’s a difference between a committee and a team. Anybody know about that? Have you ever been on a committee? Rarely do you have a team. But God had a team and it’s called three in one and He said, “Let us make man in our own image.” He was on a team. Father God created a team — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And so God is wanting to speak again and so some of the things that we’re going to talk a little bit here for just a moment about is some of the things that are coming in the earth. And I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t know if I would get to this meeting tonight without some of them already happening. Even this week some things have already begun in the economy again. Just a few months ago I was talking about the economy and how the stock market was going to hit 7700 and how things were going to drop down and, once again, it has happened. 7702 someone said. We’ve been kind of drawing some pictures about them. Some people say, “Harold, what’s so important about the stock market?” Nothing. It’s a sign and it can be a wonder to the Church that God knows everything about us. I’ve had people come to me recently in the last few months in this last year and say to me, “I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the economy.” So I’m going to talk to you about some of those things tonight and share some of those thoughts with you on that subject.

I’ll try to be brief. Some of the things I won’t be able to touch on tonight. I have several pages of this one prophecy that I was given this last month on the 25th of August and it’s important, articles written to individual people, by name, in certain countries, who I’ve never met before in my entire life. And some of those things are here. Things about Japan; Things about Africa; Things about Germany; Things about France; In the last ten years when the Lord has spoken those things about the stock market, I can honestly say to you, everything that the Lord has given to me, even before the market reached 7700, the Lord revealed to me that the market would go down to 8500 last year (2001) when the market at that time was around 10,9. One financial individual came and spoke with me – he was an advisor for someone else who has millions of dollars invested underneath his auspices – he said to me, “Harold, you know, if that were to actually happen this coming fall – it would go to 8500 – we’d either have to have a great depression or a war.” Anybody remember 9/11? And the market went down to 83, I think it was, not 85. It even dropped below that.

What I want to say to you tonight is, is I’m just an individual that for a lot of years has been seeking God and praying and saying, “Lord, would you please use me. Would you take me and would you do something with my life because in and of myself I don’t know what I’m going to be able to do for you.” I have to tell you with some fear and trepidation tonight, in a healthy way, I came out here to simply say as I said to the Lord, “God, I’m not concerned about the words. But Father, who am I to say these things and God, what are you going to do in the earth?” And He said, “Harold, I’m going to do what I’m going to do.” The question is, what is the body of Christ going to do? So let’s begin and let’s just walk through this.

I’m not going to try to qualify or clarify some of this. I have a rough draft of the prophecy that I just received on August 25th. I wanted to qualify these things because when we talked about the black Mondays before (1997) – you’ve heard me mention that – that’s on the web pages when that came, the two black Mondays; when you heard me speak about Clinton’s impeachment that would be coming; when you’ve heard me say about some of the other things that the Lord has said that there would be wars in the streets of America; I have to tell you, it’s coming. And so tonight, when we talk about these things, I won’t have time to explain things. I have to tell you. Right in the middle of this prophecy, August 25th, I said to God, “But God, who am I and how are they going to hear and discern?” And He said, “Harold, my Spirit.” To those that have ears to hear will be able to interpret and hear. What I would say tonight is, please do not take these words and try to qualify them and quantify them immediately about when and how much. Because if you do, I can tell you, the worse thing you could ever do with a prophecy is try to make it fit today, immediately, once you receive it. If you receive a personal word from the Lord tonight – we’re going to have prayer teams and prophetic teams that I’ve personally trained over the last few years here and that – they’re going to be here tonight at the end of the meeting and people will probably be receiving maybe 30, 40, a hundred people. I don’t know. We don’t want to keep you here long tonight, but I’m simply saying that God wants to speak to you this evening, if you’ll have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. So out of these things, as we’ve been talking about this, I need to just pray one more time.

Harold prays here.

I’m going to read to you part of the prophecy here. “Serious days are coming, oh God, for surely you speak and the heavens listen. The powers and the principalities, they stop God when you speak. The angels cease. The powers, the principalities, they are silenced in Heaven. The terrestrial, oh God, natural and supernatural beings, they are silenced in the voice of almighty God. To know the hour of your visitation. For the love of many has waxed cold.” I have to tell you, when the Lord began to speak these words, I saw men and women’s hearts and young peoples’ hearts, cold like steel. I’m saying to you today, the Lord is saying, in America and many nations of the world, there are hearts as cold as steel. And the Lord is saying He will minister the same fire that has tempered steel will melt hearts like wax. The wars and rumors of wars, the lightnings across the heavens – know the signs of the time, know the hour, know the season. For even the unspiritual, do they not discern? They cry out. Many false prophets are in the land; many lying spirits. Who shall go and whom shall I send? Prepare; make ready; know the hour of your visitation. It draws even unto the threshold of your door. For I have prepared it. I will gather whom I will gather and I will scatter whom I will scatter, for I am the Lord God. Who can avenge my terror? Who can offset my destiny? For I speak unto you now this time the floods of the land are upon dry and I shall wash over the deserts and I shall melt the mountaintops before you. I shall raise the waters of the sea. The signs are upon you for a loaf of bread shall be a hard cost. Who shall I send? Where are they? For the anti-Christ is already in the earth, my son. I will pull back the scales of all who seek Me. Make ready. Tell the bride the groom is preparing. Make the church ready. Preach only My words. Prophesy son man. Prophesy to the four winds of Heaven. Breathe upon a dead body. I have called you to raise the dead.

And then it begins to speak about one of the nations – and this is one of the important parts tonight. Because I tell you, we stand at the threshold of these words. I do not know the day and I do not know the exacting of the time, but I have to tell you we, even tonight, with a sense of urgency that the Lord’s put upon me, I say to you tonight, it’s coming our way.

Topic Isreal: And I shall take you to a distant land and I shall open up the four winds of my Spirit and you shall prophesy. And in the beginning of that nation, for surely, I have spoken it out of obedience. I will protect that chosen one and I shall watch over. I shall speak life. Who can pluck that nation out of My hand? For I am God; for she is dear unto Me; she is the birthright of the nations sold for a bowl of soup, but retained again by My Son. I have chosen her. Israel, oh Israel, how long have I beckoned you? These many days with wars and rumors of wars; your walls shall collapse; your roof shall be made low; your streets shall be burned with fire, but I say unto you, Prepare and make ready. For the infidel of your soul shall come with rage – Ishmael. The Syrian army is at your door for I have said it. This is the day and soon you shall be struck with a rod of iron. Chastened you will be. Discerning you are not. Then the world shall know. Peace, peace, and then sudden destruction. I have said it for millenniums I will shake the doors of My house again.

This next part of this goes on to speak about a man that’s in the nation of Israel. I’m going to delete his name because it’s not for this timing to read this, but it says simply this – as the Lord gave this word: For I will speak unto a man in that nation and his name shall be _________. I say unto him, Arise, your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon those who will not compromise. Why would you build upon a hill, man of God? For I say unto you, the lilies are in the valley. Why would you set yourself there, high, when I have brought you lower? Who are those that are round about you and what are their names? Am I not the giver of every name and every life? For why would you surround yourself with them? For am I not God? Have I not called you unto Myself? But I call you unto the holy convocation, not with mere men. But I say unto you, not likened unto Moses, not on a mountain, but in a valley I will visit you. I will speak to you; I shall prophesy and you shall know and, do it not and nothing shall happen; do it and it shall come. The word of the Lord upon you, not as the words of mere men; not the words of flattering lips; the socialness of the day, but with a pure heart, undivided, tempered with the fire of the steel of My heart, to speak truth rather than compromising words. Who are you man of God? Have I not spoken to you and is it not so? Listen not to the words of the nations, but only unto the God of the nation. And My name is Jehovah Yahweh, Nissi, Shalom, Raboni; I am He, the Rock of Ages, the First and the Last. I say unto you, (and then I give the name that the Lord showed me) shake yourself and arise; come unto Me. You have been in the place that I have marked you to be. Hold fast in your liberty. Do not look around about you. For what does it have to do with you man of God? And it shall begin days of Yom Kippur. Did I not say it and was it not true? For there will be those who will be feasting, and marrying and giving in marriage, grinding at the mill, working in the fields. I will allow the chastening of My children for I am Righteousness and Justice. For it is in My wings and I will breathe again and I will chasten you, oh Israel. For the four winds will come and from every directions and they will ascend, and I will say unto you, Make ready, prepare, call out while it is yet day. Relent of these things that are not of Me. Give them up. Come back unto My arms. For I say unto you, (the man’s name) speak to the rock. Do not strike. Not on the mountaintop, but in the valley. This is the day. Prepare. For the change will bring forth this challenge and I have prophesied the challenge. You will bring forth the charge to the nations and the charge, a tremendous cost. Flee not from the understanding of the Old Testament. Build upon My account and know that I am a delivering God. But righteousness and justice is in My wings, and I chasten those that I love. And those who are not of Me, they are illegitimate.

Topic: Japan The next part of this prophecy talks about – I saw a man in the spirit and it’s not uncommon for me to see a man – but when I saw this man in the spirit, I saw him, he was in the nation of Guatemala, but he was from the country of Japan. And God began to speak to me about the honor and the loyalty of this nation of Japan and how that things have been turned and how they’ve been twisted and how that they’ve fallen prey to many other things. And I’m not going to take time to share the word about Japan, but I’ll say this simply is that there will be a man that God has shown me that I will deliver this word to. He will take it back to his nation. I’ve not met him before in my life, but I tell you, he will be there and God will speak to him and God will raise him up out of that country. I believe one day he will come here and share the testimony. There’s a man in Israel that is acquiescing. There’s more to the prophetic word that the Lord said he would speak to him directly. God’s spoken this about Yom Kippur and I have to say to you, I don’t know if it is this year or not, but I have to tell you that it’s coming. And it could be in a few days because Yom Kippur, as I understand it, begins I think around the 16th, the middle of this month.

When I was in another country three years ago, the Lord gave me part 2 to some of the words that I’ve shared here before. And I saw 25 visions as I was in my hotel room. As I was there and I shared these 25 screens, the ones that the Lord was more depicting toward me, God was saying, “I’m doing all of these things.” How many people know that God can do more than one thing at a time?

As I looked at these screens, I have to tell you, it shook me to my very foundation. At one of the screens that I was looking at it was so vivid and completely alive. It wasn’t like you’re watching on television. I’m talking; it was like I’m looking at you in three dimensional form. I mean, they were alive. It was going on at that moment. It was like it was happening. It was like I was there. And these screens, as these visions were happening, I saw the different ones. And I saw one with angels in it. And as I began to look at this, the Lord says, “Leave that for a moment,” and He drew my attention toward another one. And when I saw this other screen, I could see the power of God coming through the heavens and through the universe. It was coming through the universe and coming through the heavens and I saw white light. And as I began to look at this massive amount of power and authority, I saw white light coming. And I saw a figure standing in white light, and it was looking just like this and it was coming. And as the white light was coming you could tell that, as this person was in the stance that they were in, that they were coming with a mission at hand. They were not just coming so that they could kind of be somewhere or just show up; but they were coming in a way that they were set in order for a mission. And as I began to look at that, I began to realize this is the Lord. And I saw behind this individual, whom the Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me about, being himself, Christ coming. I saw a myriad, a host behind him. And I have to tell you, He wasn’t riding on a white horse. I know what John the Revelator said about Christ coming back on a white steed, and Him coming back; but I can tell you He was riding in power. And my body began to quake in that hotel room. I was on a night, one night, the first night we’d had off in days and doing five services the day before on Sunday morning from 7:30 in the morning to 10:00 at night. We were resting. Three o’clock in the morning I wake up to this vision and there’s all these visions going on and God’s speaking, and my body began to shake and I began to weep profusely because I realized like Daniel I was a man of unclean lips dwelling in a nation of unclean lips. I want to say to you tonight, if you ever see the glory of God come in His power and His presence like that, you will melt like wax as a puddle on this floor. I began to tremble before the presence of the Lord. And for over forty five minutes, the word of the Lord came and Betty wrote. And I have those words here tonight with me. We did not even take a tape recorder because we were going to relax.

We went there to relax. We were in Antigua there, the old capital city, and we could see the volcanoes; and there we were, but it was where we were going to relax; and the Lord came into the room. His power came into the room and God began to speak. And by the time it was all over with, I felt like I was just wilting away. And I realized, oh God, God, I didn’t know I’d been a Christian since I been eight years old, for a long time, over forty years I’ve been a Christian. God, I didn’t realize your power and your authority. I’ve been a Christian; I was raised in the church all my life. No one explained it to me this way before. No one said it was like this. They didn’t say it the way that I saw it here tonight. I want to say to you tonight, if you ever see God like Moses saw God on top of a mountain, your face, your body, there’ll be something going on on the inside as well as the outside of your life. I don’t need any more people to say, “That wasn’t real; God’s not real.” I can simply say to the skeptics, you have to do what you have to do for I’ve seen the Lord. He is high and lifted up and His train, His glory, it fills, it saturates, it permeates the temple of His authority.

I said to the Lord tonight, “How can we even go through some of these things and even get to the message.” He said, “Do what you need to do.” I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to cover here this evening, but I have to tell you God loves the nation of Israel. He loves the nation of Israel. He’s calling them back. But I want you to know that the spirit of Ishmael is prevalent everywhere. It’s prevalent everywhere. God help us. For the anti-Christ is already in the earth. When I began to read this part it says, “For the anti” – when the Lord spoke to me these words – “For the anti-Christ is already in the earth, my son. I will pull back the scales of all who seek me. Make ready. Tell the bridegroom” – oh God – make the church ready.

I’m very exhausted after hearing the voice of the Lord for other people that are not talking about preaching Jesus’ return. I’ve heard so many voices over the years that people have been doom and gloom and a lot of other things. Seven years ago some people were saying things that weren’t going to happen. And some of those things they were saying they had missed the dates so badly when I asked the Lord about it. When we talked about the year 2000 coming, the Lord said to me, “Nothing’s really going to happen. It will be a glitch. I preached that down in another state and some other people — the room was filled with 1500 ministers – and another man of God whom I really bless and like, stood up and said, “Well, you know, a lot of things are going to happen.” And 1500 ministers walked out of the room trembling because of one man who stood up and said, “I’m not a prophet, but if I was a prophet, this is what I believe.” And they came to me afterwards and I said, “Did you hear what he said? He’s not a prophet.” The ideal is that, why do we listen to other people who literally cannot hear the voice of God like i.e. the economist, the government officials. These people, if they knew what was going on, we wouldn’t be in this mess today. We need God back in our nations again. We need the blood of Jesus to come back. I am not afraid, for I have Christ in me, the hope of glory. I’ve got a hope tonight.

Some people, when they go to a funeral, they can’t celebrate the funeral because the person has no hope. The people have no hope. I buried my father this year. It was one of the most wonderful meetings we have had, probably, right at the very top all year because of the glory of God. And I said to my father before I saw him leave for the last time, “If I don’t see you the next time, Dad, I’ll see you later.” He said, “You got it.”

This word goes on. It goes on to the part about Japan. Another word about Germany and their pride. It talks about a man of God that God is going to bring back into that nation. And God will break that nation. The Lord said they resisted him; that God’s bringing him back again. I want to read it to you. I’m just going to move passed the Japan word – but let me read this word to you.

Topic: Germany The pride of that nation (Germany), born through wars, strength of spirit, intellective mind, religious of soul; for what would they call that nation but the pride of Germany. The arrogance of unrighteousness, the religiosity of unbrokenness — for they have not been willing to pay the price. They have gone their own ways again. For we are many and there will be more, they would say. But I have withheld my blessing of tens and hundreds of thousands and they will live in the hundreds in the communities of some thousands, but they shall not reach further because of the arrogance of their thoughts and their religiosity and of their pride. Who will pay the price? Their minds are closed like a trap; like a steel trap, yet not open to the width and the depth of the miraculous signs and wonders. Only follow those who believe. Obedience, obedience. I will shatter those things that are not of Me and I will scatter them to the four winds of Heaven. I will displace them. I will break the back of the demon of religiosity, of that church, and their high towers. I sent a son out of that nation because they would not receive him. I took him out from among them, I put him out with my own fingers, and I took him from you to set him in a nation that would hear and not think their way through My anointing. He has raised the dead; he has opened blind eyes. How long shall you throw the Josephs into the pit? How long shall the half-brothers sell out those that have been marked? But I took him from the pit to the palace. He has given Me his life, he will come again, and truth shall be ministered. If you open not your hearts wide, nothing will happen.

Before I mention this man, I have to simply say to you, when I saw this man in the spirit, I knew that God was bringing him back again to Germany and Europe. And I know what the Lord is going to do. God’s going to do a work.

It says, For I have anointed Reinhardt. I have given him the scepter. Reject him and you reject My anointing. Receive him and you receive him as a son that I have brought into your land.

I want to say to you tonight that the Lord is going to do something in this man of God in a way in Germany that some people would say would probably be impossible. Let me move on. I’m going to move passed France, because that’s another situation and I’m going to talk about some of these other things. The Lord’s going to give some more parts to this. I asked the Lord about this message and He said, “It’s only half of part three.” Because the Lord said to me He would bring three full parts to bring forth this understanding (Prophecy).

Let me talk to you for just a moment. I’ve been mentioning about the economy. Let me just share with you what I read just yesterday. There’s an article here written. It says, “More than seven trillion dollars are down the drain in investments.” Just in the last year or so. More than $7 trillion. We keep talking about a debt in America, but more than $7 trillion. You know what that equals out to? They said they broke it down. That equals $25,000 for every man, woman and child in America. I don’t think we have $25,000 of every person in this room to throw away. $7 trillion. When I gave a word, the Lord showed me about the NASDAQ going down. I talked to my son about it. We talked until nearly 3 o’clock in the morning. I said, “Get out of the NASDAQ. I mean, if you have to, go liquid. Do whatever you got to do. It’s going down.” A critical part of that — $700 billion in retirement savings are gone. A man came to me in another meeting recently. He said, “Harold, I’ve lost over $300,000 of my retirement money. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Another man came just recently about the same figure — $350,000 I’ve lost of my retirement money. We’ve got enough just to go for another three or four years and then we’re going to have to do something. We’ve lost almost all of our retirement money.

Listen to this. “A dollar invested in a Standards and Pours 500 stock index fund in March 2000 is now worth about 55 cents.” I read to you earlier about the word of the Lord being like seed to us and us sowing in the right places. And the Lord is saying to us, “Why would you put your monies in those things and that?” We’ve got – I need to say it the way the Lord impressed upon me. We’ve got people dying and going to Hell and we’re investing in other things in America. I don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not investing in those areas. I’m investing in other things. Mike Vekich and I talked a number of years ago when the word of the Lord came and he took all of his money out. Some people said to him, “I can’t believe you’re going to take all your money out of the market.” And he said, “Oh yes, I’m going liquid.” People came to him recently and they said, “We’ve lost a lot of money. What have you lost?” He said, “Nothing. I’ve got my money out.” I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that, but the bottom line is we’ve been listening to the word of the Lord. Those people that have ears to hear let them hear what the Spirit is saying.

When we first talked about a stock market dropping seven, eight years whatever it was ago, I can’t even remember, but I drew the stock market about how it would tumble down, and the Lord said that the market would tumble but I’ve stored up the wealth of the wicked for the righteous. The Bible says, “I’ve stored up the wealth of the wicked for the righteous.” We’re to be the head and not the tail. There’s a lot of Christians being the tail today. They’ve lost a lot of money in the market. They haven’t been listening. I’ve had people sit right in these meetings a year and a half ago, when we gave the word, and some people they didn’t do anything about it. It’s not about a man speaking a word. The Bible says, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word will be established.” It’s up to you to listen to the word of the Lord. It’s up to you to test the spirit, the Bible says, and sees if it’s of the Lord or not. But it’s not for us to continue to test and to test and to test until we lose so much. Because of greed, there’s been a spirit of greed not only in the world but also in the church.

The stock market dropping to 8500 and then, just recently, a few weeks ago, to 7700. The Lord said it’s going to tumble down. Do you realize that it’s going to go half from where it was, almost 11, now it’s going to go down to 5500? You say, what’s going to happen? I don’t think it takes a lot of math to do the understanding that we’re in trouble here.

Recently, I heard on the radio or TV just yesterday someone saying that this is what’s going to take place. What’s going to happen is that the economy now that we’ve got more employment taking place, and people – the employments went up .5% or something – and now then, you know it’s crawling back up again. I’ve got to tell you something; the government put those people to work. They’re creating a false image. I want to say this. When I saw Bush, not only when Clinton would be impeached, then a Republican would win the election. I’m not a Bush-ite. I’m not Democrat or Republican, I’m like a lot of you. I’m for Jesus and I’m praying, “God have mercy upon all of us.” Because the Republican party is in a lot of ways more dirty than the Democrat party. Now it’s getting quiet. And what we’re having today is that we So as this tumbling continues to happen, I saw that seven, eight years ago whatever it was and I drew it, and then what happens is that it will go down and then it will come back up a little bit and it will hang there. That’s what’s getting ready to happen. The Lord said there’ll be seven years of blessing and then there will come seven years of famine. And I said to the Lord, “God you talk in symbolism so much to me I need to be clear about what this is.” He basically said, seven years of good and seven years of bad. How’s that? We’re right in the middle of some of the seven years of bad. This is to be qualifying. This is not the great tribulation. Trust me. This is a party compared to the great tribulation. Someone says, “He’s talking about the seven years&..” No, no, no, no. Not at all. What’s happening is the market’s doing these things and God is saying to you, “Be wise.” Someone came to me, they said, “Well you know, we got $4 million, what are we going to do with our monies? What are we going to do? And I said, “Get out of the market. Or put it in the most ultra conservative thing that you can find and leave it there for over seven years until you’re sure.”

Seven trillion dollars — $25,000 for every breathing body in America. The interest rates are going to go high again. I talked to this analyst last year when I started saying to him, “I’ve been raised since the 70′s to think about inflation. I didn’t think about deflation.” And I said to him, “The Lord has been saying some things to me about deflation and inflation and them being an arm wrestling match and that.” I said, “What does this mean to you?” And he began to explain things that were too technical for me and I said, “That’s enough. That’s way out of my league. I don’t understand that. All I’m saying to you&” And he said, “Well, if this happens and that that the Lord has been saying to you, then these things are possible.” I read just the other day in the paper – deflation, inflation. Let me tell you what some of the catalysts is going to be.

We’re seeing we’ve opened our doors up to the religions of the world. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, said it pretty good in one of our Minnesota papers here just recently. Franklin Graham has spoken out publicly against Islam again saying that Muslim leaders haven’t demonstrated enough sorrow over the events of September 11. Graham said on a Charlotte, North Carolina radio station, How come they haven’t come to this country? How come they haven’t apologized to the American people? How come they haven’t reassured the American people that this is not true Islam? How come they haven’t sent their monies, instead of sending it to Al Qaeda, and sending it to other places, how come they haven’t sent it to rebuild? I want to say to you, Ishmael is at our door. And God is saying to us, “We will have wars and rumors of wars.” But a number of years ago when I saw (in a vision) people shooting each other in the streets, I said, “God this couldn’t happen.” He said, “Religious wars will come to the streets of America.”

I read, just coming back from New York a couple of months ago, I opened USA Today right there as I’m riding back on the plane, opened it up and it says a rabbi in Brooklyn, New York – there he is, he’s arming his people. They said, “What are you trying to do, create a vigilante committee?” He said, “No.” He said, “I’m preparing my people for safety.” The Bible says, “When they cry safety, safety, peace, peace, then comes sudden destruction.” I want to say this to you. I would rather be forewarned so I can be forearmed then to just sit around and do nothing.

I’m not for fear. We’ve had enough of that. We’ve had enough of that through – pardon the expression, this is going to be strong for some people – but we had enough of that through the false stupidity of some preachers that talked about the year 2000 when they didn’t know anything about what was really going to happen. We need to follow people who are saying the word of the Lord and find out if they have a track record and if that track record is true. David Wilkerson is one of the guys that has a good track record. Some people right now are saying some things about him, but I can tell you this, they haven’t seen anything yet. They think his last book — I didn’t read that one either because I don’t want to fill my mind up with his material. I want to fill it up with the things of God so if God gives me something, and it matches up with David or John or one of the other guys – Paul or whoever it may be – that it will be the Lord. So I don’t read other people’s material. People send me a lot of Rick Joyner’s stuff and other people’s stuff. I’ve never read one book of Rick Joyner’s. I can’t afford to do that because I want it to be of the Lord to confirm what the Lord is saying to the prophetic voices of the Lord. So if you’ve got your Rick Joyner books, keep reading them. It’s good material.

What we’re talking here about is is that we’ve got to a place of realizing that there’s difficulty coming. The interest rates are going to grow again. I saw interest rates going much higher. I’m almost 51 years old. I remember back in the 70′s and that where it went to 21% interest. The ideal here is is that things are going to happen again and we’re going to have delicate days. And I asked the Lord, I said, “What about the timeframe?” There have been some things He’s given me exact dates on. But when I asked Him about these things He said, “It’s for them to be prepared and be ready.”

We were in Chicago recently and I was calling people out by name and that sort of thing you know, and they like that because God knows their name and that’s wonderful. And I said, “God why don’t you talk to me that way?” He said, “Harold, if I told you as much as you tell everybody else, you would act like you don’t need the rest of the body of Christ.” I said, “No I wouldn’t.” He said, “You liar.” The Bible says every man is a liar. I’m trying to keep this a little light tonight because I don’t want this to get too heavy.

You see, the stock market is going to have some problems and the interest rate is going to grow. I don’t know what deflation is. They explained it to me and I just said, “Just stop.” I don’t understand that.

Muslim temples. Some of the things, when I talk to you later on about some of the nations what’s getting ready to happen in the nations of Iraq – forget about Afghanistan for a moment – take Afghanistan and set it off on the side. Forget about that. Don’t even breathe hard about that one. That’s done. That’s over with. It’s been done for months. Pakistan, Indonesia. Indonesia in the last two years – killing over 10,000 Christians; martyrdom taking place; other nations exactly the same way. We sit around here and we’re worried about the stock market. These people are worried about their lives. Can you get serious with me for a moment?

Muslim temples in America — we’ve opened up our doors to it. We’ve let the demon of Hell of false teaching, false prophets like Mohammad, walk right into America and take away our families and our children. Even in the prisons. One of the fastest growing Muslim movements today is the African-American black Muslim movement in the prisons. They’re recruiting. This is not a white thing; this is not a black thing; this is not Native American; it’s not a red thing; it’s not a yellow thing. This is a demon thing. This is false teaching. We have set ourselves up because people have lulled us to sleep so we could be tolerant of other people. I am not going to be tolerant of the things that are against God. I’m not going to be tolerant against those things. I’m not going to tolerate them because God’s not willing to tolerate them. He wrote the scriptures about that. Murdering is still one of the Ten Commandments, and I can tell you the movement of Islam, regardless of what the propaganda they’re spieling out and telling us how nice they are and how wonderful they are, I know Christians have done some of the same crazy things. But I have to tell you, we’re standing up for the righteousness in Christ because my Bible still says in John, “He is the way, He is the truth, and He is the life. There’s no other way to God except through Christ.” And it’s not Mohammad. That’s good preaching. I don’t care who said it.

God is saying to you tonight, “Be ready, be aware.” Don’t just roll over and think things are going to be great because I can tell you, this is the time to set your face like a flint toward Heaven. Be at peace in your soul, but be ready and be armed and be dangerous with the word of the living God. And when the Lord showed me that they would be killing people in the streets and this article comes, it’s the first article I’ve seen about them arming the Jewish people in Brooklyn, New York. I was right there in Brooklyn preaching and ministering in some of those churches and realizing God, the streets. I’m telling you, it’s coming our way. It may not happen today. It may not be this year, but I’m telling you, it’s coming our way. And we cannot – like one preacher said – stick our head in the sand and hope, like an ostrich, and think that everything is going to be okay. I liked what Pastor Bob said over at North Heights Lutheran, he said, “You know what they taught us in the army? If you stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, you make yourself even a bigger target.” Is this getting too spiritual for you?

But I’m saying to you is they’re going to be burning Muslim temples in America. We’re going to have people of other religious beliefs, not only Christians, but Jewish people that are going to do some things. I want to say to you tonight that’s not the way to bring peace to America. Killing doctors who do abortion is still called murder. I know we’re in a war for the children, but two wrongs my father said, don’t make a right. I still believe that. Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they have a lot of Muslims – L.A. and other places – they’re going to see things that we wouldn’t want to be wished upon other people. And it’s coming.

Terrorist attacks are going to continue here in America and abroad. These terrorist attacks are not over with by a long shot. The things that the Lord has shown to some leaders and that, I’m in agreement with. What the Lord has shown me about this is that America is going to be in a place of vulnerability. I want you to, for just a moment and God help us, I’m not trying to over exaggerate this, but I want you to intensify what happened on 9/11 many times in one day. Are you ready for that? If you’re not, you need to get ready. I’m telling you right now you need to get ready. We’ve opened the doors and Hell has flooded our gates. But my Bible says God will raise up a standard against it. If the church will prayer; will humble themselves and pray and turn from their ways, God can redeem the time of these things. But I’m telling you now, just like when the market hit – 85, 77, it’s going to 55 – just as simple as that like the two black Mondays, like Clinton being impeached, just like the Republicans coming, just like all these other things, just like the Lord speaks, He will continue to do so. We need to be prepared and we’ve got to stop sticking out head in the sands because God is saying to us, “Raise up righteousness and holiness. Wars and rumors of wars.” These next ten years we need to pray. We better pray. We better make ready.

I’ve taken a lot more time than what I anticipated on this thought. I want to say this to you just in closing. There are other things that I wanted to share with you, but let me simply say this tonight. Egypt is not America’s friend. I want to say to you there is such mixture over Iraq right now and dissension in the different Democrat, Republican, church parties. We have come to a place that we have allowed things to continue to go on. The spirit of anti-Christ in Iraq and many of those types of nations that we need to pray that God will have mercy; that God would give us wisdom and, at the same time and that, I have to tell you, God has called us to stand up for righteousness and justice. I cannot tell you, nor is it my place to tell you, how to pray and what you should do. But the only thing I can say to you tonight as a Christian nation, we better learn how to pray even more because it’s coming our way like a runaway train.

There are people here tonight – I feel the anointing of the presence of the Lord — God’s going to do blessings and miracles for some people here tonight. We’ve been in the meetings recently and that and seeing God healing people. We were praying with a person just in one of the meetings here the other day in Florida and one of the individuals was instantly healed of deafness. While that person was being healed, one of the pastor’s wives sitting on the front row was instantly healed. No one even touched them because of the miracle working power of God. It’s Christ who does this. He is the hope of glory and it’s time for us to make a strong stand for the Kingdom of Righteousness for His name’s sake. It’s time to be able to realize that we have to stand up against the satanic attacks of the enemy for righteousness’ sake.

Some of the market things are going to hit. There’s going to be some problems there. I can tell you, there’ll still be ups and downs after 5500 just like there are tonight – this day I should say. Some of the wars in the Middle East, some of the things I saw there – Israel is going to have a major problem. Did you hear what the Lord was saying in this prophecy? What He was saying was that Israel – a rod of iron shall strike you. I have to tell you, Israel is not in a good place tonight. A rod of iron is headed toward their way. America will not do everything perfectly; but because Iraq won’t strike America, they will strike Israel. And I saw the rod of iron come down and strike Israel. I saw roofs collapsing; I saw streets on fire. These are not easy things to be able to speak about.

I want to say this to you tonight, would you help me tonight to not go out and not try to interpret some of things more than what we’ve already said here. Please don’t put words in God’s mouth. If you have questions about this, get a tape tonight. But don’t go out and say this and that and exploit the word of God or embellish it. We don’t have all the answers, but the Lord is saying, “I’m coming back.” When I saw Him coming back riding in that white light, I realized His power and His authority; it was wondrous, it was beyond words; it was glorious; it was heartbreaking; it rent my heart; it made me feel as though I wouldn’t be able to draw my next breath. But tonight God is still God and He’s going to raise up whom He will raise up and put down whom He will put down. They’re putting together the website for a new website. Our website actually is very old and that. It was up-to-date a couple of years ago, but hasn’t really been changed. I haven’t looked at it myself in a couple of years because we’ve been so busy with the Vision Center and other things, but I’m going to begin to write articles again as soon as I can. I will be trying to give updates because the bottom line to this is is that sometimes the Lord speaks to me literally days or hours before some of these things come to pass. And sometimes I don’t have time to get into another meeting room. Sometimes I don’t have an opportunity to be able to say something before these things begin to happen.

Here’s what I want to say to you tonight. If you have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, God will speak to you. You need to be prepared. Now some of these things are pretty straightforward. One of the things I didn’t mention was that I received last year also on June 13th, was I saw oil fields burning in Iraq again. A man called me because he wanted to invest in Jordan, he wanted to invest in some other countries, and he called me from Europe and he said, “Harold, we’re wanting to invest in a lot of oil and that sort of thing again. Has the Lord said anything to you about that?” And I simply want to say to you, I don’t encourage people to call me a lot and ask about the market stuff, you know what I’m saying? But what I said to them was, “I saw a tanker go down in the middle of the Gulf again – an oil tanker – and it was on fire.” That tells me something. That tells me something is coming our way. It tells me things are going to be happening again. So, without going into further details about some of these other things, I’m going to share some more of what I believe that the Lord is going to be doing in our next meeting.

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