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How To Receive Personal Prophecy and Engage a Prophet

By January 8, 2016Trumpeter

I am very concerned how most people do not know how to biblically respond to a word the Holy Spirit gives to them through a prophet. Yesterday after intense prayer and intercession, I sent out by text many prophetic words to individuals, ministers, business and government leaders. Some of the response I received back were surprising. The following thoughts were prompted by those responses.

There is such a great lack of teaching in the Body of Christ in this specific arena. Paul the Apostle said it best in 1 Corinthians 12:1 ” do not be ignorant of spiritual gifts…” ie prophecy, etc. It is mind boggling to witness so many individuals and Christians who truly do not understand how to receive or properly engage with a personal prophecy or prophets.

If the prophets are unholy, not proven and at the very least, unreliable or with the wrong motivation, then do not receive them or their words. If however their track record is proven in the Body of Christ and or the world stage with national leaders you should receive the prophecy and the prophet with proper protocol.

Many received the prophetic word I sent to them with little or no knowledge of how to correctly respond or engage through obedience. This is just one area in the Church where by pastors need training and to give training. When God wants to direct His people, He sends His word because generally they need encouragement either personally, for their family, business or lifestyle. I Cor 14:1-3 There are also times the Holy Spirit speaks when individuals are out of order in some areas of their lives, may have wrong motives or sometimes are simply just ignorant of God’s will. If you’re out of order in any area of your life by being disobedient whether knowingly or unknowingly, correction may be painful but necessary just like surgery. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. If God can use a donkey to speak to the Old Testament prophet then He can use almost anything or anyone!

I pray that if you receive a prophetic word from a true prophet of God that you will recognize it is your responsibility to correctly respond biblically. If you do not know how, get training in a Five Fold ministry church that believes in the prophetic word of the Lord and then read your Bible! Eph 4:11 speaks about all five governmental gifts to train-up the Church.

Here are 3 Biblical TIPS…

  1. When going to the lord for an answer weather it be to a prophet, church, or para-church ministry be mindful to prepare, think about the value of what you need or are doing, before just stumbling in to the presence of God. It is a serious moment! Ref. 2 Kings 8:7-9
  2. When you receive a true prophet or minister be sensitive it is an act of faith and that you respect God’s message and messenger and you honor, and believe God will answer you! It is very important we do it the right way in proper biblical protocol.
  3. When coming to a true man of God remember you cannot buy or bribe him with silver gold, etc. Only if it is the will of God can he receive your offering gift. ie. Like Michael Angelo true artist that have a gift love to use their gift and paint, so are true prophets they will prophesy for nothing if God says so, but they will also not prophesy anything if God says do not speak. Ref. 1 Kings 5:15, 16

Over the years, I have given thousands of prophetic messages and words from the Lord like yesterday that have come to pass. The result of one of those prophecies is that in a few days, I will be meeting the new president in Central America because the word of the Lord was prophesied 3 1/2 years ago that he would be the next president. At that time, no one knew he would run for president of that country.

Yesterday, many were grateful for the word of the Lord that was given to them and witnessed not only the accuracy of the prophecy but also that the Lord loves them and wants to edify, comfort and exhort them to be obedient in every area of their life so He may prosper, heal, encourage and direct them for His glory! 1Cor 14:1-3.

Matthew 10:41 says when you receive a prophet you receive the prophets reward!

This is an exhorting article not a training. If you would like to know more about prophetic teaching and training go to our Connect Series 1, 2, 3 training seminars or online courses.



  • Jackie Elm says:

    Many don’t have a clue that the Word from the Lord could be a now Word, or a Word for the future. They need to ponder it and take it to Him. Some may say they don’t recive a Word from someone, but they should know that it may be a walking through Word. Thanks Harold, for your words from the Lord have been true in every case for my family and I. Oh yes, it should be taught!

    Blessings you Two!


  • Barbara says:

    hello prophet Harold, my husband and I are in dire need of God’s guidance and direction, it seems like everything is at a stand still,I have fasted for 40 days trying to hear from God, regarding our health, marriage and finances we both are in our 60’s,and we need a word from God.what are we doing wrong what is hindering and blocking us.

  • gene hill says:

    We receive the word of prophecy in the Bible. Mainly because it has been vetted into the cannon of scripture and we have the benefit of also seeing the many records of fulfillment of such prophecies. Yet when prophecies were spoken then , the words were not in a Bible format, they were spoken by a human to those around and usually the one speaking was , shall we say , a little on the weird side like John the Baptist or very different to say the least. This is still true today to some degree. Much of prophetic words are not readily received and believed because it does not come in the traditional form they expect.
    But God sifts our hearts through this well thought out process. It is as true today as it was in Jesus day as God of very God spoke the true words of the Father and it was not received by the majority of listeners because it was not quite the way they expected it. Like Mary we must be willing to “ponder these things in our heart” and not lean on our own understanding but call on the Spirit to verify if a word is true.
    Thankyou Harold and Betty for being true to the Word within you.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I would love to receive a prophetic word .I am so desperate for Gods favor upon my life

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