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PIC Pushing the Limits.Pushing the Limits…
to the point of failure can be healthy or dangerous, depending on the event or subject matter. If you are a bodybuilder working out and Push the Limits to failure it can produce a healthy result. If you are a skydiver and you Push the Limit and waiting to long to pull the ripcord it can produce dangerous results.
If you are a business leader and you push the limits to failure. The repercussions may possibly make you fearful to try reaching a goal or dream in the near future.
Failure can be a mistake or a positive intentional act depending on your goal. Either way information, experience, and possibly wisdom can be a final result.
Pushing the Limits is sometimes necessary, and important to reach many dreams and goals for our personal life as well as our life calling.
Fear of past failures can paralyze even the most qualified leaders!
Pushing the limits can be an amazing opportunity, experience, with incredible results. The key is having wisdom to know when, how, where and why to stop and still reach your maximum result.
A final thought to keep in mind. It is not always necessary to Push the Limits to reach maximum benefit!


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