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The Question:

I have been asked the following questions so often…

When prophetic ministry is happening in a meeting and some hungry people do not get a word, how should they view this? Many have told me that they feel rejected. Some have even been angry as they felt those who got a word were the prophet’s favorites.

Rebecca Ahlstrand


My Response is:

Yes they are important questions. The following is only a brief answer but hopefully will help someone with a similar question.

My personal experience is, it is understandable that people may feel upset or rejected and sometimes even angry if they do not receive personal ministry. However there can be some practical reasons why.

1. there may not be ample time to minister to everyone. As you know in our ministry our services tend to last sometimes a minimum of three or four hours. And sometimes from 6 PM to 6 AM.

2. As prophetic ministers we need to be more sensitive to the people that have not received prophetic ministry. We need to at least pray a general prayer over all the attendees so we do not miss someone who has an important need.

3. Unfortunately prophetic people are like spiritual magnets they are drawn to places of faith easier than places of fear or doubt. I have always trained our prophetic people to not go to what I called the spiritual flagwavers first or all the time. I must admit it is easier to minister to people of faith, then those sometimes that are in legitimate pain, doubt, fear, or unbelief.

But not every prophetic ministry spends 6 to 12 hours ministering to all the people so no one is missed. And not every pastor will allow more than an hour of ministry.
Even when we’ve had 15 prophetic people ministering at one time are everyone prayed for.
I apologize for such brief answers.


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