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President Dr Giammattei participates in the adhesion “Geneva Consensus to promote Women’s Health and the Promotion of the Family.”

From Ambassador Luis Lam, the permanent rep to the United Nations from Guatemala.

October 12, 2021, Guatemala for the Protection of Life from the moment of conception and the institutionality of the Family, decides to join the Geneva Consensus Declaration against abortion and in defense of the family as the natural and fundamental element of society, this is one more step to fulfill the mandate and promise to be Light to the Nations, blessings.

Betty all this happening in Guatemala wouldn’t be possible without the support and assistance of Harold, I am sure that he is watching everything from heaven, my best wishes and blessings to you.

Thank you and please continue praying for this project, I will keep you posted and definitely invite you next year to our event at the United Nations, I can’t thank you enough because God brought Harold at the perfect time to work on this with me, maybe one of his last projects and we will see by faith the accomplishment of the vision and mission.

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