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Heartfelt Condolences

I remember in Albert Lea, my dad, Jim shared with Harold that he should get a haircut -Dad loved Harold!

At a meeting in the old CFC building in Owatonna, I think when Lester Sumrall had recently passed. The first we looked at our watch, it was 10:30 p.m …. we were there till 2 a.m. hungry for more!

In Mankato, hot July, no air in a small building and packed many came eager to hear from God. The police came a few times as we were quite loud! Also, we had to go outside a couple of times to cool off! We were so very blessed!

Harold and you helped pastor my brother Tim, Barb and his family during a difficult time …

Thank you!

When seemingly no one knew me, Harold dipped deep into what God placed in me and spoke it to me … he saw me! Wow, Thank you!…Scott

We have been so very blessed by Harold & Family. Thank you

Betty and Family, we are sorry for your loss of Harold. He will be missed greatly because he was loved greatly!

–From The Krause Family

Dearest Betty and family,

Susan and I extend our heartfelt love and prayers as you begin the journey of carrying on the rich legacy of faith and prophetic encouragement Harold stewarded everywhere he went and has now bequeathed to you. His friendship and prophetic input into our lives and ministry spanning over 25 years encouraged and guided me personally through major passages in my life for which I will be eternally grateful and can now sadly only be conveyed to him when I see him face to face in heaven.

We first had the honor of meeting him, and you Betty, back in the early nineties through our mutual friends the Bristols. At the time I was pastoring at Way of the Cross Church and I can still see him standing on a pew, up front in the sanctuary, holding forth the word of the Lord and shaking up the status quo as only He could do. He was a gift from God to me as he later supported me through the precarious transition of leaving there and starting Bridgewood in 1994. And then later in the 2007-08 gave strategic input and support in the starting of our business, Interactive Church Resources.

Serving on the Bridgewood apostolic advisory board and ministering at various church events he always gave significant foundational wisdom and direction for our church as only a prophet can do. In tum, his generous invitations for me to teach and minister at HEMI were great personal encouragements and opportunities I treasured to minister alongside him and grow in my understanding of the prophetic ministry.

He was in the truest sense of the word a loyal friend and man I greatly esteemed for the way in which he stewarded his prophetic gifting. His integrity, exemplary marriage shared with your Betty, and zeal to serve and honor the Lord faithfully always inspired the best in me.

Both he, and you Betty, were always so hospitable to Susan and me as we enjoyed wonderful times of fellowship over meals, outings together, and even sharing in the honor of Heidi and AJ ‘s wedding and then the dedication of Summer.

The “well done good and faithful servant” resounding as Harold passed through the po1tals of heaven can only be imagined, and I know that countless thousands, touched, as Susan and I were, by his life and ministry are also declaring the same thing.

Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for His presence in our lives, but we do want to express to each of you, as his precious family, that thankfulness. And we also pray that the seeds sown through His decades of faithful ministry poured out for others be
returned to you in this life a hundred fold!

With Love and blessings,
Tom & Susan

My cousin, Harold… you catapulted me from timid to triumph… at every pivotal point in my life, God sent you to me with the directional arrows that pointed clear and the renewing of my mind through His Word of truth!
You are missed but until we meet again, we will continue… continue… continue….

R. G., AK

Thank you for all the years of ministry, guidance, prayer, words of wisdom, prophetic words. Guess our next conversation is on hold till I get to go Home too. I already miss you so much, knowing I can’t call you now. Almost prayed for you tonight out of habit….then stopped.

Rest well and happy in our Savior’s arms.

Till we meet again, J. M., IL

Harold has meant so much in my personal life and in my family … and for Norway. It is a terrible loss, but I know He is well taken care of. I send my grateful love to Betty and the whole family. May the Lord strengthen you mightily in this time.

L. D., Norway

I am receiving the news of your departure back home, my dear Harold my heart is sad but with hope because I know that we will meet again in the house of our Father where we will live with Him eternally !!!!

My prayer is for your wife and all the family, because our good Father embraces their hearts tightly and comfort them and fill them with your love and peace as they return home.

See you soon my dear Harold.

From Guatemala “we will never forget you” !!! 🙏🙏🙏

M. J., Guatemala

Prayer for your family he will never be forgotten he was a man of God and did a great work our prayers and love

B. K., WI

Dearest Betty and your lovely family🌹💞

Our deepest love to you all in these days,after Harold went to be with the Lord💙We will never forget what he and you ment for us the first time we met each other…   and several times through some years…We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing you into our lives in a very difficult time for us..and for the friendship we got through these years  💞…I am so sorry ,that for some years we have not seen each other….but you have been often in our thoughts and in our hearts, and we love you from the bottom of our hearts…It is difficult for us to understand that his life on earth was finished … Tears is running from my eyes just now, and my / our prayers is to God ,asking Him to give you all strength, comfort,  grace  and His love to the whole family🙏🙏🙏

Much love and hugs.

T. & J., Norway

Ever since I seen the words, Celebration Of Life” on Harold’s fb page. I’ve been thinking about Harold and finding myself crying off and on all week.

I loved Harold very much. Since my father died in my arms at the age of 15 years old. I’d never run into a father figure like Harold was. He will be missed my many of us….

P.R., MN

Mrs. Eatmon I wanted you to know that we were saddened to hear about your wonderful husband Mr. Harold Eatmon passing. He was very special in the hearts of everyone wherever he preached.

While we know that words are only a small gesture of support, I want you to know that his spirit has touched many people’s lives in the church, internationally and beyond as well as mine also. He will be forever remembered and forever missed. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Mrs. Eatmon I met you in Vida Real church in Guatemala I still keep the prophetic recording he spoke in August 2018. God Bless

L.M., Guatemala

It is with a heavy heart ❤️ we celebrate Pastor Harold’s life ..He was a gift to the body,of Christ. Wm and I count it a blessing to have met both of you. Wm never forgot his initial encounter at the hotel ,the night he drove you back . He talks about it often , Pastor Harold left a permanent mark on his life. His style and charisma is what I remember him for..You both made ministry simple, we felt so privilege to share some down time with you. My husband often talks about the grace in which you carry yourself Pastor Betty..May God strength you and your family through this difficult time. May he give you the peace that only he provides. Our prayers and love is with you and your family.

C. S., Nassau, Bahamas


Back at GLG in Duluth maybe 1997-1998, you had a word for me about being an intercessor. It took God working with me for the past 23 years to really grasp the importance of this call! I had forgotten your word. A friend remembered and he reminded me when I reached out to him with a word for his son. You had ask me if I would pray for you and Betty, back when you gave me that word.

I want you to know I’m praying! Your ministry and the power of the Holy Spirit through you changed my life!!

Much Love to you and Betty, I’m praying!!

I heard the Words redemption and restoration! I can’t wait to see what the Lord does!!

A.P.P., Duluth MN

Hi! I just wanted to write and say how sad I was to learn of Prophet Eatmon’s passing. Also, I wanted to express my condolences to Mrs. Betty who is such a regal woman of God! Back in 2004, Prophet Eatmon looked into my eyes and changed my life. At the time, I did not know a lot about the charismatic gifts, but I understood at once that this man heard from God, and, moreover, that God was good! He has offered me guidance at other times, and my life has been so enriched by both his teachings and by the teachings of Mrs. Betty. And, my husband, has been influenced as well. (He was a hard sell, but he has come to understand that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real and for today.) I am the daughter of a Finnish immigrant so the Eatmons connection to the Scandinavian countries has been precious to me as well. I’ve heard Reverend Eatmon talk of people in the church saying sometimes, “the gift is bigger than the man.” He had a keen understanding of human nature. And, more importantly, he himself had great integrity. He was so grounded that the man was greater than the gift, even though in terms of gifts, as I have said, he was Michael Jordan. Yet, he walked in true humility and gave all the glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am praying for his family during this difficult time and especially for his beloved wife. (My mom’s name was Betty.) God bless all of you! Sincerely,

N. P., Lexington, KY

Betty! So good to hear from you! My prayers are with you and the family continuously! Many people here in Jacksonville were greatly blessed by Harold and everything he poured out. I will truly miss him, but am sure he has joined the great cloud of witnesses among us.

J. N., Jacksonville FL